The Quizbowl Misconduct Reporting Form is an initiative of the major quizbowl organizations to collaboratively handle and respond to reports of misconduct. The purpose of this website is to link to the reporting form and to answer questions reporters and other members of the community might have about the form.

Which organizations are members of the form?

Currently, the member organizations are the Academic Competition Federation, National Academic Quiz Tournaments, the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence, and the quizbowl Discord.

What happens when a report is submitted?

For a detailed description of the report-handling process, see the Handling Reports page. At a high level, when the form receives a report, the form representatives confirm receipt, evaluate which member organizations should be notified of the report, and send the report to the chosen member organizations. The member organizations then each individually decide their appropriate response to the report.

Additional questions?

Please check out our FAQ to see commonly-asked questions and to submit your own question to the form. We also have pages detailing report handling and statistics on past reports.