Report Summary

This page contains summary statistics for reports submitted to the Quizbowl Misconduct Reporting Form, as of October 2021.

All told, the form received 71 reports between October 2018 and October 2021; the nature of the reports is broken down in more detail below.

Reports by type of misconduct

Misconduct Type %
Other misconduct (not covered by other categories) 32.4%
Sexual misconduct 25.4%
Gender-based misconduct (not of a sexual nature) 18.3%
Cheating 9.9%
Race-based misconduct 8.5%
Substance-based misconduct (i.e. pertaining to alcohol/drug usage) 5.6%

Reports by role of report subject

Subject role %
Player 67.6%
Staffer 19.7%
Coach 12.7%

Incidents by form actions taken

Note: multiple actions were taken for some reports.

Action Taken %
Forwarded to national organization(s) 41.0%
No action taken 21.3%
Forwarded to local organization(s) 13.1%
Forwarded to specific team(s) 13.1%
Contacted subject for a conversation 9.8%
Contacted school administrator 4.9%